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Camping Tips

Shot of a young couple camping by a lake.
Shot of a camping light and coffee mugs.

Camping Tips

Camping can be a lot of fun. It will allow the family the chance to get out and be in nature. There are some tips to make the camping experience more positive especially for people that have never been camping before.

Keep Shoes Dry

If the shoes get wet this is going to be uncomfortable. This can also lead to blisters. To help the shores dry faster take out the insoles and allow them to dry. Put some dry but used clothing inside of the shoe. This will take the moisture out of the shoe and put it into the clothing. The shoes will be dry and the used clothing needed to be washed away.

If there is not a good picking of sticks of other kindling around it will be difficult to start a fire. There are some chips that can be used in place of the wood. Doritos and corn chips make great firestarters. They are flammable and the oils will help get the fire going. Corn chips work well too due to their salt content.


Line the Bag

When packing for a camping trip line the inside of the backpack with a garbage bag. This will help keep the clothing dry. If a person needs the trash bag for any reason they will have an extra one.

Bring Some Sage

Nothing ruins a campfire quicker than having to deal with mosquitos. These pesky bugs can be uncomfortable and will make anyone want to retreat to their tent.


A little bit of sage in the campfire will keep these pests away. Mosquitos do not like the smell and they will not buzz around.

Portrait of a young boy holding camping gear with his father in the background.

Stress Reduction

Shot of a young couple camping by a lake.

Fresh Air

Shot of a camping light and coffee mugs.


These are some tips to keep the camping experience enjoyable. If a family is looking to have a good time camping these tips can make the experience more enjoyable.