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Camping Tips and Tricks

Shot of a young couple camping by a lake.
Shot of a camping light and coffee mugs.

Going Camping? Don't Forget Your Gear

As you start to plan your camping trip you will want to make sure that you don’t forget anything, especially if that something is important to your trip. Camping can be a very relaxing, laid-back time and it should be.

Different Types Of Camping

However, if you forget something it can cause much unnecessary stress and who needs that on a camping trip? Let’s talk about items you may want to pack to make your next trip camping and enjoyable experience. First, remember to bring your bug spray.

Sometimes it rains or the ground is muddy, and bugs just appear out of nowhere. There is nothing worse than bug bites because someone forgot to bring the bug spray.

You can also bring things like bug bands and even candles and things to get rid of the bugs.

It never hurts to put a tarp between the ground and your tent. Simply set the tarp down and set your tent on it. This will help to keep moisture from rising up through the bottom of your tent and into your bedding area.

Also, you want to bring some chairs and whatever you need to eat, including snacks and perhaps a cooler.

Sleeping Bags

You will also need sleeping bags, pillows and bedding. Bring as much or as little as you need and are comfortable with. Each one of us has different ideas as to what we need for sleeping when we camp.

Air Mattress

If you need an air mattress or a cot, bring it. It never hurts to get a great night's rest and if it rains and you need to stay in your tent, a nice cozy bed is always great.

Using an RV,

Now, if you are using an RV, you may already be all set up and ready to go. However, if tent camping is the way you plan on going, well, don't forget to bring your tent, tent stakes and a few tarps.

Portrait of a young boy holding camping gear with his father in the background.

Stress Reduction

Shot of a young couple camping by a lake.

Fresh Air

Shot of a camping light and coffee mugs.