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Camping Tips and Tricks

Shot of a young couple camping by a lake.
Shot of a camping light and coffee mugs.

Camping Tips and Tricks

Camping is the act of venturing out in the wilderness with essential items that will help them survive. It started out because of a British tailor by the name of Thomas Hiram Holding who wrote The Camper’s Handbook in 1908.

Different Types Of Camping

There are many different types of camping. The most common is tent camping, which involves setting up a tent as a shelter at a park or camping site. Another very basic and common type is backpacking, which involves traveling through the wilderness with essentials.

This can also involve setting up a tent if the camper needs to spend a few nights outside. RV camping involves using a vehicle. An RV allows a camper to have more luxuries out in the wilderness. But it often isn’t considered camping since it’s harder to connect with nature when staying in the RV. If a camper is already skilled, they can attempt survival camping. This involves bringing fewer essentials, relying mostly on finding and hunting food in the wilderness, and setting up a shelter from materials only found outside.


Later, he founded the Camping and Caravanning Club, called the Association of Cycle Campers originally. There are a number of reasons why people embark on camping trips. Some do it to escape the modern world and connect with nature.

engage in activities

Others engage in activities outdoors to develop essential skills such as survival or problem-solving. Others do it to make a spiritual connection or simply to reduce stress.

As a Beginner

As a beginner, a new camper may want to consider tent camping first. They should learn what essentials they’ll need such as a first aid kit, flashlights, things to entertain kids attending the trip, and of course the tent itself. Other tips include looking for discounts on gear and listing items needed.

Portrait of a young boy holding camping gear with his father in the background.

Stress Reduction

Shot of a young couple camping by a lake.

Fresh Air

Shot of a camping light and coffee mugs.


A camper should plan things ahead like activities and meals, and they should check the forecast for the duration of the trip. Lastly, a camper should learn the rules of the camping site if there are any.