The site of Cindy (Moon) McKee.

Above, you see a few of my blog posts. In a panel you’ll see thumbnails from my gallery.
My new passion as of 2012 is drawing and painting (painting since Jan. 2014). Included in the menu you will see a library and a dictionary list I compiled in an auxiliary language I know.

The library includes only a few of my literary efforts, mostly poetry.
To read Compilation of casein advice, about casein paint,
Kindle (not updated).
(AnkaĆ­ en Esperanto – libreto pri kazeina farbo.)

From time to time, I’ll blog about some of my other interests. Which are….let me copy/paste from my profile in another site: “Linux, open source software, drawing, gardening, the outdoors, cooking, writing, studying, learning, digital culture, free culture movement. Breathing in and out never fails to interest me.”

Cindy Moon McKee