After Seated Boxer

After Seated Boxer

Work in progress:
It’s 2015; time to get serious! (Yes, it’s the Year of the Serious – did you not know?)
I’ve started a painting after Seated Boxer, a Hellenistic sculpture. (read more)
In ancient Greece, athletes competed nude. I chose a side view of this statue.
I feel sorry for the guy; he was entertainment for the consumers, even in his middle years. If you’re female, you know what it’s like to be entertainment, so you tend to empathize. But I digress.
This is my biggest size so far. The board measures 24 x 30in (61 x 76cm). I think I like working with this size. I have room for details. It feels good.
The first two days, I drew with Conté crayon while looking at the photo I downloaded (I would seriously love to see him in person). I want the guy to be recognizable, but I just want to eyeball the photo Рwell, I finally took a scrap piece of paper and held the edge up to the photo in a couple places to gauge the proportions, then did the same to my drawing. ->

drawing After Seated Boxer
Drawing of seated boxer

The second day, I covered the board with paint. I had previously gessoed the board and my baking soda gesso was a little thirsty. (Did I say I’m serious, yet I used baking soda…)
The third day, I started the shading, with some burnt sienna paint I was given. Shading is the fun part; it makes the form. Except that I didn’t get enough paint on the guy earlier, because I didn’t want to cover my drawing, so I had to smear oil on the part I was going to work and then shade. I adjusted the back a little. ->

Start of shading After Seated Boxer
Start of shading

After a week of correcting, looking and shading, I’m working on the head. The curly hair is going to drive me crazy. When I finish all the shading and modeling, I’ll put on glazes of color. This photo is seriously atrocious, but I seriously don’t want to take another photo. ->

6 days of shading After Seated Boxer
6 days of shading

mostly looked at this which I found out later is a copy!
Well, I put a phthalo blue glaze over the burnt sienna, then wiped most of it off.  I put a pink glaze over the rock, which was so pink it hurt the eyes. So I scumbled a lot of white over that and lost a lot of details.
I guessed at a floor and wall corner.
I’m in misery about the head. I’ve painted much more crudely than ususal. Daubs, smears and streaks. It looks yucky close up, but the good viewing distance is about 10 feet (3 meters) away. At that distance, I can’t even see anything but daubs, smears and streaks.
I’m going to post the photo of this and think about whether I want to do anything else to it. I’m getting awful comments at home (“it’s another hurts-the-eyes painting”, etc), so I’d like to put it away. ->

After Seated Boxer
‘After Seated Boxer’, after 12 days work.