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sky flying sketch

Bristol is not the friend of graphite. I found a public domain of birds, I think seagulls, and I’ve been sketching it, but the bristol shows my erasures and fingerprints, skyflying-sketch but I’m having fun anyway. I might be getting addicted to sketching. Oh, the photo is named according to keywords. sky-flying-animals-birds. I thought that was adorable, though, like a child named it. Sky! Flying! Animals! Birds!

I had Gimp darken my photo of my drawing-in-progress.
(Now I’ve got to run outside and garden. Maybe I’ll see some sky! flying! animals! birds!)

Hey, I came back in and put on some thin egg paint. skyflying-sketch_withpaintAnd I thought – why don’t I sign sketches at a slant? It would be code for “This is a sketch”. Finished paintings I could sign horizontally. Umm, what could I sign vertically? Upside down? Mirror image?…Negative slant?

conte transfer

While wondering how to make a frosted glass look frosted (in previous post) I started drawing a woman on tracing paper. I rubbed sanguine Conte crayon on the back to transfer my drawing to a board and stopped and stared. The effect is cool! Look!


It’s just a line drawing with lines showing where to paint shadows, also. The Conte showing through makes my drawing look spooky and great.
I’m going to reuse my drawing to draw her in Conte.
Hey, I’ve always resisted drawing on tracing paper, because I thought it was too flimsy. But it’s working out and the transfer is simple and makes for a cleaner painting surface. Plus, I get to re-use my drawing hee, hee.


I started oil painting Naiche, but I was interrupted so much I couldn’t even finish the form, so I’ve finally started drawing him. The beginning:naiche_drawing1
I don’t think I’ll show the start of the painting! Yikes.
Naiche painted: this is his painting of the ceremony of a girl coming of age. Note the sensitivity needed to paint that. Naiche was a warrior, a leader, a chief, and he fought with Geronimo. The fierceness of Naiche and the sensitivity of Naiche, both developed to such a degree — well,  a lot of people nurture one quality at the expense of the other.

He was imprisoned (effectively) in Indian Territory/Oklahoma, some distance west of where I am.

I’m working on it:

naiche2 though I’m not happy with how I’m doing so far. Did you know when you brighten the original photo you see face paint? Also a lot of scratches, unfortunately.
Hey ho:
naiche_drawing_moon I’ll take a better pic and possibly do a little more on Naiche/Natchez, son of Cochise, grandson of Mangas Coloradas. I put the symbol for change before him and the homecoming symbol behind him.
Acknowledgement: Reference photo by Reed & Wallace, Mobile, Alabama ca 1890.
Here are a lot more photos.


Practice drawing of a Vanuatu man:


I looked at a photo licensed CC. Attribution: Graham Crumb/ Thank you!

I used a carbon pencil and graphite pencils. The carbon pencil, which has charcoal in it, smudged. That’s why everything is…..smudged.

This drawing looks great in person. I can’t believe how blah my photo of it came out. Bleek. Blek.
The Imagicity site is down, so let me show you the photo reference via Wikimedia:
Old Man (Imagicity 854)

My angle of him is different. I’m a little further away from his face. Maybe I wanted him to look slightly more ….I’m gazing into your face, photographer. You’re not gazing into mine.


Bruce almostIt seemed like a good idea. Pencil draw the face, paint the background. Not a good idea. You’re thinking that’s a face photoshopped onto the background, right? I don’t know what to do. I got a good likeness and don’t want to ruin it by painting the face. Well, I signed it, but I’ll mess with it again. There’s something wrong with the shoulders, too. Woe is me.

Bruce-MoonI took him out of his slouch and invented a posture. That slimmed him down and …it doesn’t look enough like him anymore. Oh, I also lightened the background just slightly. That made the head jut out of the picture plane a little less. (I was actually wanting that effect until I got it.)

Bruce final-MoonI couldn’t stand it. I darkened the creases of the cheeks, to make the cheeks look pudgy. I added a touch more hair, touched a corner of the mouth, ran my pencil across the point of the nose and the far edge of the face. Lightened the shirt slightly.
The main thing was darkening the cheek creases. That made him look right.

What I learned: I can juxtapose very different media to form a strong contrast.