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Reading about guns

A few days ago, my two sons walked into the place of a fatal shooting, 15 minutes after the fact.

I have no doubt that there is a direct correlation between gun ownership and gun deaths, especially of suicide. Maybe it’s that simple. But culture also bears some responsibility. I’m looking at graphs and charts right now.
I seem to see cherry picking, but since I just had a 3-day migraine, maybe I’m not processing at 100%. Here

#6. This graph of developed countries, purportedly showing a direct correlation of gun ownership to gun deaths, ….doesn’t. Look at around 30 guns per 100 people. (Stare at France.) Besides, Malta, Barbados? Barbados has a population of only 277 000 – what the bad word is it doing in this graph? It’s only a smudge on a map.
Ownership between 15-40 per 100 people shows no clear relationship with deaths. There are barely any countries with more than ≈37 per 100, so throw out the outliers. If you want to show a correlation, you look at the impressive 6 countries close to zero, and you look at Canada, Finland, France, while ignoring the 4 countries vertically below them.

Do you see Lithuania? I googled to find out who's killing them! Actually, gun ownership is increasing, while there is a downward trend for gun deaths. According to But gun ownership is only now up to about 3%.

#8 Purporting to show fewer gun deaths in states with stricter laws. Florida ought to be brightly colored. But does not have strict gun laws.

Here's gun deaths by state:
 Here's gun laws by state, for right to carry:
 Do you see any state with strict laws? ("Shall issue" = yeah, sure you can)

If you want to see a direct correlation of gun deaths to gun ownership, look at Louisiana. Gun ownership in Louisiana: 44.5%
 It also has a macho gun culture.

#13. According to the graph about gun suicide in Australia, a steep decline in suicide-by-gun started about a decade before the gun buyback program that gets the credit!

Leaving that page and comparisons to that page….
In this list of all gun-related deaths, by country:
Latin America is bad, with outstanding exceptions! For example, Bolivia is an exception, between the horrifying Brazil and Argentina. …..OMG, Bolivians gave Earth a legal personhood ! I just got sidetracked.
I meant to keep finding charts about gun deaths, but I have to read this.

Bleaching autism

Who wants to be a caretaker?
I read that parents of children with autism are making the kids drink bleach to “cure” them.
That disgusts me no end. I took the Autism Spectrum Quotient test for adults at the Cambridge University site.
I scored higher than 32. 32 is the threshold to Autism House.
OK, I’m in the house, in the hoooouse.
And I empathize with those kids (look, I’m empathizing).
People with severe autism will need help. Probably all their lives.
So, the parents want to get out from under the burden. We live in nuclear families, locked away behind four walls, no community involvement. No extended family to lend a hand.
This has to stop. Community life has to come back. We have to stop being separated from one another. Caretaking is too heavy a burden for one.
The disabled, the elderly, the ‘abnormal’ and the different are our loved ones and members of some community somewhere.
Some of these parents feeding their poor child bleach are simply overwhelmed. The caretaking is too much.
Day after day of cleaning their kid’s poop off the walls takes a toll.
Where’s the help?

Well, I let off some steam. A blog is not a bad thing to have, is it?
p.s. There IS a spectrum. I’m just considered an introvert. A slightly unusual introvert with sensory sensitivity issues and problems finding places I’ve already been several times…

Mad as spit

I got up this morning, made the mistake of reading over some news. I’m so furious, I feel like I’m having a heart attack. The sad little boy in the Oval Office is not the only moron in power. The Republican National Committee actually played along with his crazy rant about handing out Fake News Awards. It’s at No. 1 is not even news. It’s an opinion piece. OPINION!!!

The only upside to this Republican madness is that I feel smarter in comparison.

This is not Trump, people, this is the Republican National Committee handing out Fake News Awards to opinion columnists and journalists who corrected errors!!!

Hey, if you’re still a Republican, leave that crazy house.

Thoughts on 2017

Today I jotted down some thoughts on life in the U.S. in 2017, influencing the beginning of 2018. Of course, it involves politics. How could it not?

Conservatives are complicit.
The writers at National Review consistently try to downplay the ridiculousness of Trump’s presidency. They insist that it’s not so bad.

It’s true, that Trump won’t become a dictator, not because of any checks by Congress, but because he’s too stupid. He’ll never successfully study and understand the workings of government, so he’ll never successfully manipulate the workings of government. However, stupid bulls manage to damage china shops. Trump will manage some damage.

And he is such a blaringly loud fool, his presidency will become the trumpet everyone remembers sounding the decline of the prestige of the U.S. on the world stage.

Liberals can indeed be hysterical.
It’s natural to react reflexively against everything coming from Trump and his enablers. But in this age of media bashing, editors need to examine and reexamine stories before they publish them. Even one wrong story is enough for some people to condemn journalism as a whole.
It’s also natural to react in revulsion to sexual harassment and to harassers. But our society obviously needs to learn the difference between harassment and flirtation.
Some men — and women — may be ruined because of serial flirtation.

That hysteria is helped along by the mob mentality on socia media. It’s so easy to join a flash mob online before knowing all the facts.

On the other hand, it’s so easy to join an empowerment movement online.
Women are teaching other women that they are in possession of their bodies. Not a coach. Not a boss.
Maybe, disabled people will participate in that and affirm possession of their own bodies. Caregivers are not there to take control.

The strangest thing about 2017, for me, was that so many people took pains to continue ruining their own reputations. Republicans and evangelical Christians, among others. When confronted again and again by evidence that people they had put their trust in were unfit and unworthy, they not only didn’t withdraw their support, they actually increased their support.

Or maybe, the strangest thing is that the most divisive year I can remember, was, at the same time, uniting. It was the year of people joining a movement, donating to a cause and speaking out.

We need to speak out more against extremism. Extremism in both major political parties, in religion, in the mores of our culture — mores that are so entrenched that they’re not often recognized as extreme.

books of change

Spoon River Anthology has been translated into Esperanto by Jim Smith (James Smith).
Edgar Lee Masters, the poet, wrote as though the dead of a fictional town fashioned their own epitaphs. Each one reflects a different life and personality, as if really reflecting the voices of different people. You can read it in English.
And after a while, I’ll put up more translated texts from ancient China, including the oldest of the Chinese classics.

Antologio de Spoon River estas nun en altkvalita Esperanto, danke al James Smith. Jen:
Edgar Lee Masters, la poeziisto, verkis kvazaŭ ĉiu mortinto de urbo elpensis sian propran epitafon post la morto. En la PDF, la tradukinto endokumente ligis la epitafojn de la amatoj kaj konatoj kun la nune legata epitafo. Do, la leganto povas sekvi la interligitajn vivojn.
La versado estas libera. Foje la epitafoj enhavas vortbildojn, foje ili estas prozaj deklaroj.
Post iom da tempo, mi ricevos kaj do enmetos tradukon de antikva ĉina klasikaĵo kaj ankaŭ kelkajn originalajn novelojn.