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El humor de cabra

When we domesticate animals, do they get dumber?sheep face
I couldn’t imagine anything poetic in the mind of this (dumb!) sheep I met yesterday. Its mind was only on getting some food. So…prose. Just Spanish practice for me! The sheep is alive only to serve as fur for us naked bugs. But domestication only goes so far – a hungry mouth can never be domesticated. (But now I want to know if we are dumber because of our own domestication. Maybe Neanderthals were geniuses. And while I’m thinking about that, I google & find this . I can’t stop laughing at the two side-by-side pictures. I’m definitely too easily entertained.)

El humor de la cabra
…en un cuerpo de una oveja

Soy para el pelo de bichos. Sólo la boca me pertenece. ¡Ayúdame! ¿Sea incapaz de hacer nada a causa de esos bichos raros con bastones? Me di un cabezazo al vientre de un bicho en suéter (la escritora). Una boca hambrienta no puede ser domesticada.

Images dot Nasa

Nasa announced a new website to help the public find images, videos and audio files. Here it is:
As always, their stuff is free of copyright. The images website just helps people find what they need.
A really neat feature is that the videos have a captioning file, so the text can be translated. Like this file, about Juno capturing the roar of Jupiter: ->
Just click on any video’s download button and you’ll see the file “Captions” among the other options.


Congratulations to my sister for placing 2nd in the 3D at the Sr. World Championship barrel race at Texarkana.
Power to the sister!

Sheryl Hanson in Texarkana 2017
Sheryl Hanson and Tebow

Child stele

In the Met’s open access stuff, I found a touching Greek stele of a child with her pet doves. I’ve looked at that & drawn (freehand as always) onto tracing paper, to transfer onto a repurposed canvas. The transfer is going badly. Let me commit the drawing to digital before I ruin it: transfer drawing of child's stele
Well, the stele was a grave marker, apparently for a kid who fed birds from her mouth (or kissed indiscriminately). Strange, that I feel a little mourning for the dead child. That was centuries ago. And no, I doubt the marker was for the doves.

Besides trying the Greek aesthetic, I’m planning on using watercolor and oil emulsion.
21 Feb: Danger, this is what happens when you think you’re getting a migraine, but you keep drawing anyway. An incoming aqueduct, instead of a colonnade. And you can point out other things. I might work on this again, but this morning, I just wanted to jump up and down on it.  👿 But! the watercolor and oil emulsion is great. It doesn’t matter how much or how little oil I want to add, the emulsion doesn’t try to separate. In the beginning,  I was working with watercolor with a little oil, so slower drying water medium  with body. At this stage though, I was using oil with a little gum, so faster drying oil paint. I didn’t notice a negative. Oy. I noticed a negative. But not with the paint.

Met open access

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has designated 375 000 public domain images as Creative Commons Zero (CC0), which means that those images can be freely used in any way whatsoever, regardless of jurisdiction. A simple ‘public domain’ designation in one location doesn’t necessarily mean that the item is considered public domain elsewhere. But a designation of CC0 is a clear worldwide public domain designation.
Those images include photos of some of the most famous paintings in the world. The Met will utilize a Wikimedian in Residence to expertly place those images into Wikimedia. Read at Wikimedia and at Creative Commons.

You can already use the public domain filter in the Met’s collection:!?perPage=20&showOnly=openaccess.
Read more about that here: Met image resources and click on their organized collections!