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Child stele

In the Met’s open access stuff, I found a touching Greek stele of a child with her pet doves. I’ve looked at that & drawn (freehand as always) onto tracing paper, to transfer onto a repurposed canvas. The transfer is going badly. Let me commit the drawing to digital before I ruin it: transfer drawing of child's stele
Well, the stele was a grave marker, apparently for a kid who fed birds from her mouth (or kissed indiscriminately). Strange, that I feel a little mourning for the dead child. That was centuries ago. And no, I doubt the marker was for the doves.

Besides trying the Greek aesthetic, I’m planning on using watercolor and oil emulsion.
21 Feb: Danger, this is what happens when you think you’re getting a migraine, but you keep drawing anyway. An incoming aqueduct, instead of a colonnade. And you can point out other things. I might work on this again, but this morning, I just wanted to jump up and down on it.  👿 But! the watercolor and oil emulsion is great. It doesn’t matter how much or how little oil I want to add, the emulsion doesn’t try to separate. In the beginning,  I was working with watercolor with a little oil, so slower drying water medium  with body. At this stage though, I was using oil with a little gum, so faster drying oil paint. I didn’t notice a negative. Oy. I noticed a negative. But not with the paint.

Met open access

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has designated 375 000 public domain images as Creative Commons Zero (CC0), which means that those images can be freely used in any way whatsoever, regardless of jurisdiction. A simple ‘public domain’ designation in one location doesn’t necessarily mean that the item is considered public domain elsewhere. But a designation of CC0 is a clear worldwide public domain designation.
Those images include photos of some of the most famous paintings in the world. The Met will utilize a Wikimedian in Residence to expertly place those images into Wikimedia. Read at Wikimedia and at Creative Commons.

You can already use the public domain filter in the Met’s collection:!?perPage=20&showOnly=openaccess.
Read more about that here: Met image resources and click on their organized collections!


For the people who believe I’m a liberal – actually, I’m a libertarian (left-leaning). I believe in limited government and full civil liberties.
Full civil liberties = everything not harming another person.

There’s a broad range of libertarianism. A few of my particulars:
People should own what they work for, but natural resources should belong to the communities in the bioregion in which they exist.
For example, water: Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations fought the piping of water out of the Kiamichi Basin of Oklahoma, to Oklahoma City, finally got some protections to the local water levels.

*Hot button topic* On abortion, I see nothing wrong with aborting a fertilized egg. It’s just a fertilized egg. But when organs start forming, I start thinking of it as a developing human. I’m against violence against humans and even gratuitous violence against animals, so I’m against aborting a fetus.
I can understand and agree with women’s position that their body belongs to them. They do have a right to decide about their own body.
But the “parasite” inside is a developing human, and the argument of liberty, including the argument of self-ownership, should never be used to justify violence.
Looking at the people on the other side of the debate, it horrifies me that people who whole-heartedly believe that abortion is murder are forced to pay taxes to support abortion clinics.
Government forcing people to support what they believe to be murder – this is an example of why so many people believe that government is inherently violent.

For those who think I’m a supporter of Hillary Clinton – no. I definitely defended her against people calling her the devil incarnate.


(Just my little notes to some local people)
Mexico is the third largest trading partner of the U.S. Our exports of natural gas to Mexico have grown enormously, as their economy grows. And their middle class!
In 2010, pipeline exports of natural gas to Mexico, in million cubic feet: 333,251. In 2015: 1,054,271. Source.
Extra reading.
That of course, helps the state economies of Texas and Oklahoma. But if pressured or insulted or hindered enough, Mexico, as well as everyone, has an option. In 2016, installations of solar powered energy production hit a record, surpassing all other energy production (new additions). Extra reading.
And solar has already reached grid parity in Mexico.

Fossil fuels are going to be phased out, but how rapidly? Very rapidly (for us), if Trump keeps insulting peoples and nations and negotiating amateurishly.

Twitter dictator

Today, in defiance of a Trump gag order barring National Park Service employees from social media  – also effective for EPA – and Ag, apparently – Badlands National Park tweeted several facts about climate change today. The tweets were just deleted!!
Heil Hitler Trump.
One of the scientific tweets from Badlands before they were shut down:

Today, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is higher than at any time in the last 650,000 years. #climate

I retweeted it, just to have it almost instantly disappear.
But a screenshot is here:
Go Google it. I just read about it a short while ago. Still trying to wrap my brain around the information…..and around how people are lining up meekly behind that type of suppression.

25 Jan – Death Valley National Park:

EPA news releases:

Scientists’ March on Washington: