Child stele

In the Met’s open access stuff, I found a touching Greek stele of a child with her pet doves. I’ve looked at that & drawn (freehand as always) onto tracing paper, to transfer onto a repurposed canvas. The transfer is going badly. Let me commit the drawing to digital before I ruin it: transfer drawing of child's stele
Well, the stele was a grave marker, apparently for a kid who fed birds from her mouth (or kissed indiscriminately). Strange, that I feel a little mourning for the dead child. That was centuries ago. And no, I doubt the marker was for the doves.

Besides trying the Greek aesthetic, I’m planning on using watercolor and oil emulsion.
21 Feb: Danger, this is what happens when you think you’re getting a migraine, but you keep drawing anyway. An incoming aqueduct, instead of a colonnade. And you can point out other things. I might work on this again, but this morning, I just wanted to jump up and down on it.  👿 But! the watercolor and oil emulsion is great. It doesn’t matter how much or how little oil I want to add, the emulsion doesn’t try to separate. In the beginning,  I was working with watercolor with a little oil, so slower drying water medium  with body. At this stage though, I was using oil with a little gum, so faster drying oil paint. I didn’t notice a negative. Oy. I noticed a negative. But not with the paint.