Eyes Closed

closed eyes

The beginning: A quick start at a face — I put on paint and wiped off eyes, cheeks, mouth, etc with a paper towel. ->

start of Closed Eyes
The bare bones start of a face, Closed Eyes.

Mixed up hansa yellow, quin magenta and phthalo blue.
I didn’t have time to do more and it may be a few days before I get to work on it again.

Well, the next day, I moved around some of the wet paint and kept modeling the face, I adjusted a shoulder, started thinking about how to drape the hood under the neck. I am glancing at a reference photo every now and then, but not paying a lot of attention to it. ->

2nd Closed Eyes
second day of Closed Eyes

3rd session with it: I added some coloring to the face. I mixed up a brown, applied that, then dropped in some quin magenta pigment and mixed that in, applied it to a lot of shadow areas of the face and the lips. I changed the nostrils, worked on the clothing a little, etc. But I was interrupted a lot, so gave up till another day. ->

closed eyes, 3rd session
eyes closed 3

Today, 4th time with this painting, I brought down some of the bright coloring. I put in details with my script liner brushes. Actually, I aged her. ->

Eyes Closed
4th session with Closed Eyes.

(from morguefile.com, but I can no longer find the photo that I referenced)

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