coarse drawdown

Here’s a primitive drawdown of coarse clay pigment in 3 binders: acrylic gloss medium, borax casein and walnut oil. I washed some clay a little, ground it a little, but kept it coarse and dirty for this. I roasted some, to darken it.
So how did the binders present coarse dirt on printer paper? dirt drawdown

My adored walnut oil hardly showed any difference between the roasted and the raw colors! The pigment coverage was excellent.
My almost as equally adored casein binder showed the colors well and presented granulation, and had good coverage when I finally added enough pigment and tried again. The acrylic showed the colors well and did great with just a touch of pigment, but when I added more, the dirt clumped!
I thought the acrylic did fine with just a touch of pigment and/or a firm draw down with a knife. It’s of course glossy.
When I thickened them all, the casein ‘dirt deposit’ seemed to float on top of the paper, with no visible binder – middle of the paper, right. The bottom row shows thickened acrylic, with a satin sheen and, to the right, oil.
Of course the oil is an ugly stain on printer paper.