compare egg and casein

In my previous post, I painted an egg tempera dahlia and then the same dahlia in casein to compare.
I also started it in acrylic, but my mixed up acrylic is a pigment hog and it is too permanent. I switched immediately to casein.
My comparisons of the egg and casein dahlias:
1. I was surprised at how similar the glazes were. (Very surprised that I could glaze with casein, since I usually can’t. The difference: bare paper. ?)
2. The casein colors were more saturated; intense. (Homemade casein.)
3. On paper, the egg layered in washes easily, similarly to the casein application. (With ox hair, soft synthetic and Styletto!)
4. I used marble dust as a white paint in both. It worked great in both and gave texture to the egg.
5. I preferred details with egg. The egg vehicle seems ‘firmer’.

My conclusions are: I love paper! Everything seems better on paper. (Back the good ones with a board and varnish them.)
I’d like to use casein and egg together. No reason to use just one. I’ll see how it plays out.

p.s. This is the traditional painstaking method of painting with egg tempera: . That is NOT what I’ve been doing. That is why I stayed away from egg tempera for so long. What I’ve been doing is using actual wet paint. The paper has been absorbing the water, I guess, so that I can immediately put more wet paint right over that. With brushes of a nice size. Honest to goodness.