You know I’m trying to learn a little more Spanish by means of poetry, right? I was playing with a little poem (non-English! Cuban!) by Excilia Saldaña. She was a strong Afro-Cuban poet in the Negrismo movement. Maybe the internet has helped me tease out the correct meaning of her poem below:

Discor descortés

Ay, qué enojo,
que me mojo!

Dijo un pétalo de flor
a la gota de rocío
(qué tristeza, qué vacío)
que le ofrendaba su amor.
—Excilia Saldaña

I’ve tried to translate (retaining rhyme):
Discourteous discourse

Oh, what a fret,
that I am wet!

Said a petal of a flower
to a certain drop of dew
(such sadness, such emptiness through)
who was offering it love’s power.

Kurta diskurso

Aj, tiom da irito
pro la sur-mia precipito!

Diris petalo de floro
al la guto de ros-fluo
(kia tristo, kia vakuo)
oferinta sin al amoro.

So, starting with this simple poem, maybe I can ease into her poems about the life of a black woman in Cuba.
But I would never try to translate one of her more serious works.