orange in creamer

Experiment with casein fruit in creamer

It’s been 3 months since I made casein binder (casein + borax) and it’s still in the fridge doing fine! So, I made paint with it and dry pigments. Now I know why most of the pigments for sale are earth pigments, inorganic. They mix up easily. Those organic pigments are another story. I had to take the advice I read online about wetting the pigments first with rubbing alcohol (isopropyl). That worked. Then, I could introduce my binder. Their staining power is enormous. My hands, the plate, the table, the sink, dog, everything had to be scrubbed. But the good news about that is that I only used a very small amount for the painting. The excess I scooped into old medicine bottles and refrigerated.
If you want to buy intensely colored organic pigments, put on rubber gloves and an old apron! Oh, and forget buying an expensive muller. It seems to me that the paint grinds up nicely with stuff you find around the house, like the glass stopper of a potpourri jar. And a knife.
Step through the images below by clicking the arrow. You’ll see how I tried to paint a still life with casein. I’ll get better! Oh, and I used Hansa yellow medium, quin magenta, phthalo blue and titanium white.

orange in creamer: start
orange in creamer: start
I'm painting a creamer (little pitcher for pouring cream) with an orange in it. Support: tinted watercolor paper glued onto stiff cardboard.
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