I am flabbergasted

I am flabbergasted and too emotional to be writing…
Some walking, talking sacks of stupid called “Republican Platform Caucus” are suggesting that non-English speaking students in Oklahoma classrooms be rounded up and sent to the immigration authorities.
Yes, read it here: http://www.kxii.com/content/news/Okla-lawmaker-Vet-citizenship-of-non-English-speaking-schoolkids-422035823.html and here: http://www.news9.com/story/35398128/republicans-announce-plan-to-fill-state-budget-hole

Rep. (Representative!!!?) Mike Ritze, vi parolanta sako de merdo, rampu reen en la kloakon.
Will you be offering a bounty to anyone who captures a non-English speaking child? Are you thinking that schools will volunteer to round up little children from their desks?
I’d like to say you’re an aberration of the Oklahoma Republicans and that your diseased attitude is unique to you. But no!
This kind of crazy cruel nonsense seems to come out of the Oklahoma House too often.
Me averg├╝enzo.