I don’t run

I saw a rabbit today!
I’m marking the start of a Ci poem, in the form of Santaici, 三台词.
A Santaici is an easy Ci / ĉinesko aŭ cio. It has 4 verses of 6 syllables each, and the second and fourth verses have end rhyme.

Eyes of a rabbit

I don’t run when I should.
I float two pools of brown.
I float you in those pools.
With the kill, you will drown.

I know I can’t do this in Spanish. I’ll try tonight, but …
I sat down and typed this, but there aren’t enough words, and the last verse has too many syllables anyway and it doesn’t rhyme. But is it chilling? OK, it’s not going to be a Santaici, so I added a couple more words. It’s still very spare.

Ojos de conejo

No me voy, ¡debo escapar!
Derramo dos mares marrones.
Te derramo en los mares.
En matanza, te ahogas.