Migraines and dahlia month


1st of June: It’s migraine awareness month, and guess what? I pulled weeds I know I’m allergic to, and am fighting a migraine. Well, they won’t pull themselves. This is the egg painting I’m working on:

and when I ‘get back’, I want to tell about a book I’m reading and immediately start comparing acrylic glazes to egg glazes.

4th of June: Well, I’m back. I, of course, don’t have more to show on the painting. The book is “The Acrylic Painter’s Book of Styles & Techniques” (Seven successful artists show you how to master the versatility of acrylics). Chapter 3 with Barbara Buer. Here’s her website: Yep, I’m applying her tips to egg.
Anyway, in the book, Barbara Buer explains her technique for using acrylic like watercolor glazes. Work each petal individually, then touch up later to unify – I’m trying that. Have you gone to her website? Jawdropping.

7th of June: I’m finished with the dahlia in egg paint:

eggDahliaI’m very happy with glazing with egg tempera on paper. I put wash over wash.

Next, I’ll do a dahlia in acrylic glazes.

14th of June: I didn’t like the acrylic paint I mixed up (from gloss medium). I almost didn’t get a spill cleaned up from my tile floor; it dried and wasted, etc.


I thought, “Forget this; I’ll finish it with casein.” So:


Actually, I ran out of paint and didn’t bother to mix more, because I was so close to being finished. So, I’m comparing it with the egg tempera dahlia and….the casein dahlia looks sharper and more focused – and brighter. Other than that, they both have a lot of depth; I like both. I glazed in the same way.

Oh yes!!!! Always before, I’ve had a problem glazing with casein. This time I glazed with no problem. The difference must be that I painted on bare naked paper.
Folks, I just got a vote for the egg tempera one.