my first tippy tap

This is my first tippy tap: first-tippy-tap I don’t understand foot levers, but it works anyway. I put one of my homemade soaps into a mesh bag and hung the bag. The foot lever of a tippy tap means that you don’t have to touch a dirty handle when you wash your hands. It’s more sanitary.

The fact that this is already working — without my begging someone for help — is delighting me.

I rapidly translated the directions into Esperanto, on the chance that it will help someone. And the place I saw it is And yeah, I filled out their contact form and gave them a link to the translation. (Se iu volas kontroli mian rapidan tradukon, dankon!)

Tippy tips: there is a hole in the jug where water pours out. A 2nd hole on the other side is for air flow, so water will come out. (Like the two holes in a can of evaporated milk.)

Make sure you put the pour hole off-center. So it won’t pour down the string.