My wordpress marathon

As a translation editor for a WordPress locale (playing catch-up), I’ve noticed the stats showing that part of the increasing popularity of WP is the availability of the system in many different languages. There are millions of downloads of the language packs from, more than the downloads of the default English system.
WordPress is now the most used Content Management System in the world. Its use has dwarfed that of Joomla and Drupal.
I’m talking about the system used by this website. It’s self-hosting software, libre and gratis. You get it at
One of the founders of WordPress started a commercial hosting site, This year, 2015, that site host rewrote its code in Javascript to become an administrative interface, connecting like a plugin to WordPress.
Since it still depends on the WordPress system, it will still be counted as usage of WordPress, even though is separate.

{As an aside, nightmarishly for everyone who vehemently hates the across-the-web tracking of Facebook, is integrated with Facebook, automatically allowing Facebook users to interact with your site. Which allows Facebook to collect information about your site, even if you’re not a Facebook user.
I consider Facebook malware. And all of the users Facebook-bots. Yes, there a billion bots/robots/trawlers for Facebook.
If Facebook were a picture, I’d draw horns on it. }

*A site host is a place like or that runs a net of websites and makes it easy for the users by doing almost all of the technical setup and administration.
The free plans are quite restricted. And you have to accept the decisions of the host, like integration with Facebook.

*A web host rents out space on servers, to anyone willing to self-host. They will often install WordPress and the associated database for you. But from then on, you’re expected to administer your site.
You typically have much more freedom.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing instead of painting.
Today I’m easing off and trying to decide what to paint.