peach gum paint

This is a quick experiment with homemade peach gum paint! ->peach_peachgum

I was reading in The Artist’s Handbook of Materials and Techniques, that you can use sap from cherry trees, apricot, peach, plum, etc for a gum binder for paint. I threw the book down, ran outside to my ancient peach tree and grabbed balls of sap from it. Thanks to borer worms, it exudes sap. So I dissolved it, made paint, painted a peach….isn’t this cool! I think it’s a lot like the gum arabic in watercolor. I don’t know yet…here’s a sentence from the book: “Recipes for the use of cherry gum in emulsions or to replace gum arabic can be easily worked out; it emulsifies very well with all tempera ingredients; it is an entirely acceptable material, and a favorite with those painters to whom the notion of utilizing domestic, noncommercial materials appeals.”

I’m grinning from ear to ear.