Cindy Moon McKee; I sign artwork with ‘Moon’. I’m from Oklahoma, USA.

I started in art as a teenager, but stopped. In 2012, I started again, after a middle-of-life assessment (otherwise known as a mid-life crisis or ‘what the heck am I doing with my life!?’).

I’m self-taught, from books, YouTube videos and online tutorials.

Over the years, I’ve studied Spanish, American Sign Language, Hebrew, Esperanto and 5 minutes of Standard Mandarin.
Past high school, I studied Electronics Engineering Technology for 4 years. I’ve known and forgotten a couple programming languages. I home-schooled my kids (kids, dont go flauntin’ whut I learned ya). I taught myself how to play a few musical instruments and promptly forgot how. I’ve knitted, crocheted, tatted, quilted, braided rugs and made stained glass. I’ve gardened and canned and now you’re bored stiff. So I won’t even mention that I’ve taken a few online courses.


I don’t trace or even use grids; instead I draw freehand while looking at the object/photo. Which means I make a lot of corrections.
I usually make my own paints and use the same intense pigments in my oil, casein, acrylic, watercolor and egg tempera.


The photos of my artwork are Creative Commons LicenseCC BY 4.0. Feel free to use, remembering to give me credit and to indicate if you adapted the work. Ownership of artwork itself is transferred to a buyer, who has the right to request that I post/offer no high-resolution photos.


If you”d like to buy a drawing or painting, the prices are listed here.
If you don’t want to use the store, you can always just contact me directly and pay through PayPal to: https://www.paypal.me/CindyMoonMcKee. That method is also valid for other work I do.


Instead of shipping glass, I varnish all artwork. If you’ve chosen to have your art framed, I then frame the varnished art (hanging hardware included). Note that, even when I draw or paint on paper, I mount it or back it with a rigid support.
Shipping is standard, both the rate and the speed.


Really? Well, please email me to state the problem. The payment processor does indeed give refunds.


My social media: Google Plus

Email me (cindymckee@cindymckee.com)

Phone number: 580.372.2880

Text me at: 918.924.5395

Privacy & Security:

My site is encrypted. You’re free to enter this site and leave this site without being tracked.

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Kiam mi havis tempon antaŭ monatoj, mi angligis terminojn ĉe Reta Vortaro. Mi volas reveni.
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Cindy Moon McKee