Update, 29th of June: I can’t believe it! After working and working on it, I have almost the exact same result as the one I originally posted! Here’s the latest, with the earlier below:


I’m working on a real portrait, of a beloved. I can’t quite get the exact perky look. And every time I change it, I get further away from what I want. So, while I almost have the look, I’m posting a photo of the WIP (work in progress). Oh and of course I have to look at a photo, because I’m not good enough without staring at a photo long hours.



I tried coating paper with gesso and glazing with casein. Sure enough, the casein lifted from the gesso. 🙁 So, I switched to egg. Same problem. So the paint is coming completely up while I change every feature.
Oh note – I’ve always hated my ground charcoal (as a true black) in every medium. But in egg, I actually like it.
Well, that’s an opaque I’m using now –
According to Daniel Thompson, of The Practice of Tempera Painting, the fact that I’m using transparent pigments means that I’m just watercoloring with egg. Just kiss my grits, D. Thompson!

Maybe I’ll have something better to present her……in a few….days….