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Shutup landscape

I was toning a sheet of watercolor paper, when I started seeing a mountain, then a roof. So, I thought, “OK, paint. You want to be a landscape, fine.” So I spread more paint around with my fingers, then used brushes.
When I finished, the paint said, “I wanted to be a good landscape.”
Shutup, landscape.

Thin casein paint. Fingers! brushes.

study behind window

study man looking out This is a study in casein of a man looking out a window, based on a photo by Sukanto Debnath. His photos are pure art. I hastily invented a window and smeared white and green, including above his eyebrows. I’ll probably want to do a more careful painting of that man, but on the other hand, I’m wanting more and more to invent people or paint people from life.


Bruce almostIt seemed like a good idea. Pencil draw the face, paint the background. Not a good idea. You’re thinking that’s a face photoshopped onto the background, right? I don’t know what to do. I got a good likeness and don’t want to ruin it by painting the face. Well, I signed it, but I’ll mess with it again. There’s something wrong with the shoulders, too. Woe is me.

Bruce-MoonI took him out of his slouch and invented a posture. That slimmed him down and …it doesn’t look enough like him anymore. Oh, I also lightened the background just slightly. That made the head jut out of the picture plane a little less. (I was actually wanting that effect until I got it.)

Bruce final-MoonI couldn’t stand it. I darkened the creases of the cheeks, to make the cheeks look pudgy. I added a touch more hair, touched a corner of the mouth, ran my pencil across the point of the nose and the far edge of the face. Lightened the shirt slightly.
The main thing was darkening the cheek creases. That made him look right.

What I learned: I can juxtapose very different media to form a strong contrast.

Mediocre elk

Here’s an elk I did a few days ago:


Don’t zoom in. You’ll scare the elk 🙂

You’ll scare him because he’ll see his landscape. Oh my gosh, maybe someday grass and leaves won’t be a mystery. On YouTube, painters go Swish, swish with the brush and they have beautiful foliage. I go Swish swish and I have swishes.

praying mantis

This praying mantis is outside while I’m inside typing this:

praying_mantis-moonThere’s too much brick and not enough mantis, but I noticed and just kept on drawing. It probably felt camouflaged on the bricks, because there were old brown grass clippings lying around. I forgot to paint them in, but it’s just as well. They’d be a distraction.

This is mostly casein you see. A little pencil. Oh, I scratched out some gesso to make peeling bark on the twig.