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I’m happily adding color to some quail drawings:

I chose three species…, apparently all three belong to a different genus. When I finish, I’ll label them.

I photoshopped (I gimped) some reference photos together: reference quail

One reference quail is definitely copyright-free; one other is from a university site and one from an informational site; so hopefully I can use those. I know I should only look at photos that are labeled for re-use. What a predicament.

OK, here is a look at the finish. I’ll need to take another photo; I smudged around the edges of the photo to get a perfectly rectangular pic. The Bobwhite lives around here. You can hear the call around dusk.


Facts about quail: Quails nest on the ground and fire ants are killing them – directly stinging and killing the hatchlings and indirectly, by eating the insects the quail depend on.
Do you notice I’m using both ‘quail’ and ‘quails’ for plural? They’re both right.
They’re yummy. Sorry, all vegetarian friends. I know, I’m vegetarian too, but a fact is a fact. I remember the taste from childhood. They’re white meat, moist and tender.

Okie migrants

Florence Owens Thompson, a Cherokee woman from Oklahoma, with children Katherine & Ruby, standing and baby Norma in her lap.

Do you see the baby in that photo? I didn’t!! I haven’t even drawn the baby!
I thought the baby’s head was just a piece of blanket. What the heck! I wear strong glasses, but…
Florence worked 16 hour days, 7 days a week, drank Lucky Lager beer and chewed Garrett snuff.
At the time of the photo, she already had seven kids. She later had 3 more.
That Dorothea Lange photograph of her became famous, but she had to keep working the fields of California to feed her babies.
In her older years, her grown children managed to get a house for her. Soon, she moved back into a mobile home. A house felt too strange, after all those decades of tents, trailers and just plain camping out.

I drew the bottom half of her face way too broadly:

Okie migrants
Okie migrants, first drawing

I just narrowed the jawline and chin. I also had to raise her ear. I had it too low:

Okie migrants, corrections to face
Okie migrants, corrections to face

I’m so disgusted with myself. I’m never going to be able to see details.

BTW, I was conceived in Northern California (Albion or Fort Bragg, I think), where my Okie parents (Moon) were working chopping and hauling trees with Okie relatives, the Pyle clan. They came back to Oklahoma where I was hatched, and had one more, for a total of 7 kids.
Well, gotta get back to drawing that. I’ve got a lot to do to it.

OK,  I may be finished:

Migrant Okies
Migrant Okies

Oh, I know the position of the hand isn’t spot on. And her mouth. I was disappointed in my observational skill, but I got over it.

I certainly didn’t want to draw the tentpole. (Oh, by looking at the photo very carefully, I saw that her other hand is resting lengthwise on it. And I read that her thumb was partially erased. I can see the outline of it in some photos…of the photo.) So, I drew in a full head of the baby. It looks like a baby’s head to me! I kept it very delicate – lightly drawn.

Self portrait drawing

I drew myself while looking at the photo. I also looked in the mirror, but I kept tilting my head to look through the lower part of my bifocals, which meant I would have drawn a picture of myself looking at the ceiling. I’ve decided I’d be a great source for portraits – no copyright problem. I hereby give myself full rights to my likeness 🙂

self portrait
Self portrait drawing 5.2014

Pa tik he ke heci

I drew a Nez Perce while looking at this photo. I decided not to add a huge amount of detail.
I think I got the cheekbones askew, but overall, I’m happy with the resemblance. I can tell it’s the same guy. His name was Pa Tik He Ke Heci. Not much more is known about him. I know he was frowning, even though he was wearing a superb hat!

Pa Tik He Ke Heci-drawnbyMoon

Pa Tik He Ke Heci drawn in frame