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It takes a village

It takes a village.
Just like vaccines, which require widespread adoption to be effective, privacy tools like encryption require widespread use to be truly effective. People don’t want to encrypt and decrypt emails that aren’t sensitive, just to help others hide truly sensitive emails in a mass of encrypted mail.
These days, the few encrypted emails might as well scream, “Hey, we have interesting secrets! Store us until the day you can crack the code!”
Please do peruse the software suggested here: https://pack.resetthenet.org to see if you could use any of it.
I’ve started my own version of the only surviving painting of Torrentius. All his other paintings were burned, by the state, I believe. The religious state. Because he was an atheist and partier.
Ironically, the painting is about temperance. Moderation in all things. Ha, ha, it’s the survivor and witness of a display of intemperance, of extremism. By the ‘village’.
Yeah, it takes a village. But the actions that village takes are determined by action or inaction by the villagers, stretching long into the past.
Well, my painting is just started. I’m experimenting with egg tempera!

unburned-egg oil emulsion
Unburned (beginning)

And here is a layer of water-mixable oil paint mixed with both oil and water, over a layer of egg-oil emulsion:

Unburned: oil over egg emulsion

The emulsion seemed sticky and wanted to come off with the over-work.

Days later, the paint still isn’t dry. Maybe because the weather turned hot. Maybe because the board was prepared with acrylic gesso? I’m growing old waiting.

Update 25 of June:

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I will never again use egg tempera on acrylic gesso. The painting is still sticky! Possibly, I shouldn’t boil sumac leaves and twigs to help color the paint, either. Yes, I did that.


Ooey gooey, icky pooey. The background is still sticky. I suppose I’ll put this aside. Say bye:

more unburned
Still sticky!