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I painted Walt Whitman for my wall. This is a close resemblance 🙂 :Whtiman-Moon I used an egg from one of my own chickens1 to make egg tempera and I used pencil also.
I looked at this public domain photo, although I straightened him:
Walt Whitman - George Collins Cox
George C. Cox was the photographer and Adam Cuerden retouched that original photo of Whitman.
Since I want to view my painting from a distance, I really had to exaggerate with white globs of marble dust paint.

1. The egg came from Birda (Birda, because she’s a bird. Get it?)


In the previous post, I had started a drawing. I was offline and used a PD photo I had downloaded from:
https://pixabay.com/en/woman-sad-face-portrait-human-244179/ It’s public domain. Apparently, Andi Graf is the photographer. Thank you!
I did an underpainting of that drawing in casein on bristol board.

Underpainting in casein (milk)

Unfortunately, I had thought it a good idea to paste the bristol to acid-free cardboard. The egg in the egg tempera overpainting did NOT think it was a good idea. Instantly, the corrugation showed through. I had problems with a mottled face. The face became more spotted because of my stupid reluctance to squeeze all the water out of my brush while I dry-brushed glazes.
I’ve got that situation better now,

Midpainting in egg tempera (egg yolk)

but I’m thinking about switching to oil, because I’ve lost the brightness. Should I? Would that make the corrugation look worse? Ug. Arg.
I don’t know. All I can think is, ‘This woman is on a diet of milk, eggs and oil. Should I feed her so much?’

I say it’s done.

Hands Clutching Cloak by Moon
After touch-ups and varnish.

Some of the skin is too opaque now. I wish I could have kept the beautiful translucent glazes.

I’ve convinced myself that the corrugation is organic. Charming. I want you to say, when you look at it, “My golly, this is charmingly corrugated!” If you’re a museum curator, I want you to say, “After having seen this, I’m going back to the museum to crumple all the paintings!”


I’m happily adding color to some quail drawings:

I chose three species…, apparently all three belong to a different genus. When I finish, I’ll label them.

I photoshopped (I gimped) some reference photos together: reference quail

One reference quail is definitely copyright-free; one other is from a university site and one from an informational site; so hopefully I can use those. I know I should only look at photos that are labeled for re-use. What a predicament.

OK, here is a look at the finish. I’ll need to take another photo; I smudged around the edges of the photo to get a perfectly rectangular pic. The Bobwhite lives around here. You can hear the call around dusk.


Facts about quail: Quails nest on the ground and fire ants are killing them – directly stinging and killing the hatchlings and indirectly, by eating the insects the quail depend on.
Do you notice I’m using both ‘quail’ and ‘quails’ for plural? They’re both right.
They’re yummy. Sorry, all vegetarian friends. I know, I’m vegetarian too, but a fact is a fact. I remember the taste from childhood. They’re white meat, moist and tender.