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Man in cap

I did an egg face – I’m happy with how the paint goes on:

Man in Cap-Moon
Reference photo credit & thank you to Creative Commons licensed ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ by Thomas Leuthard: https://www.flickr.com/photos/thomasleuthard/5198470559
I used whiting for the beard and mustache and I really regret that you can’t see the raised effect. His stubble is made of raised bumps.
This is a little fast, so no fine detail. Close up, you see swipes and wipes. Fine lines, aka hatching, only for wrinkles and hair.
Oh, and thank you also to my sister’s chicken who laid the egg I used!!


In the previous post, I had started a drawing. I was offline and used a PD photo I had downloaded from:
https://pixabay.com/en/woman-sad-face-portrait-human-244179/ It’s public domain. Apparently, Andi Graf is the photographer. Thank you!
I did an underpainting of that drawing in casein on bristol board.

Underpainting in casein (milk)

Unfortunately, I had thought it a good idea to paste the bristol to acid-free cardboard. The egg in the egg tempera overpainting did NOT think it was a good idea. Instantly, the corrugation showed through. I had problems with a mottled face. The face became more spotted because of my stupid reluctance to squeeze all the water out of my brush while I dry-brushed glazes.
I’ve got that situation better now,

Midpainting in egg tempera (egg yolk)

but I’m thinking about switching to oil, because I’ve lost the brightness. Should I? Would that make the corrugation look worse? Ug. Arg.
I don’t know. All I can think is, ‘This woman is on a diet of milk, eggs and oil. Should I feed her so much?’

I say it’s done.

Hands Clutching Cloak by Moon
After touch-ups and varnish.

Some of the skin is too opaque now. I wish I could have kept the beautiful translucent glazes.

I’ve convinced myself that the corrugation is organic. Charming. I want you to say, when you look at it, “My golly, this is charmingly corrugated!” If you’re a museum curator, I want you to say, “After having seen this, I’m going back to the museum to crumple all the paintings!”


Practice drawing of a Vanuatu man:


I looked at a photo licensed CC. Attribution: Graham Crumb/Imagicity.com Thank you!

I used a carbon pencil and graphite pencils. The carbon pencil, which has charcoal in it, smudged. That’s why everything is…..smudged.

This drawing looks great in person. I can’t believe how blah my photo of it came out. Bleek. Blek.
The Imagicity site is down, so let me show you the photo reference via Wikimedia:
Old Man (Imagicity 854)

My angle of him is different. I’m a little further away from his face. Maybe I wanted him to look slightly more ….I’m gazing into your face, photographer. You’re not gazing into mine.