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graphite pencil


I painted Walt Whitman for my wall. This is a close resemblance 🙂 :Whtiman-Moon I used an egg from one of my own chickens1 to make egg tempera and I used pencil also.
I looked at this public domain photo, although I straightened him:
Walt Whitman - George Collins Cox
George C. Cox was the photographer and Adam Cuerden retouched that original photo of Whitman.
Since I want to view my painting from a distance, I really had to exaggerate with white globs of marble dust paint.

1. The egg came from Birda (Birda, because she’s a bird. Get it?)


I was filling a jar with cotton swabs and I thought, “How pretty!”
cotton swabs sketch
So, I’m drawing it on sketch paper. Some swabs are crammed up against the jar, some aren’t…And now I’ve got a big exploding arrangement of swabs in the jar. I’m never going to get the jar full, because I’ve been drawing this for a long time…