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sky flying sketch

Bristol is not the friend of graphite. I found a public domain of birds, I think seagulls, and I’ve been sketching it, but the bristol shows my erasures and fingerprints, skyflying-sketch but I’m having fun anyway. I might be getting addicted to sketching. Oh, the photo is named according to keywords. sky-flying-animals-birds. I thought that was adorable, though, like a child named it. Sky! Flying! Animals! Birds!

I had Gimp darken my photo of my drawing-in-progress.
(Now I’ve got to run outside and garden. Maybe I’ll see some sky! flying! animals! birds!)

Hey, I came back in and put on some thin egg paint. skyflying-sketch_withpaintAnd I thought – why don’t I sign sketches at a slant? It would be code for “This is a sketch”. Finished paintings I could sign horizontally. Umm, what could I sign vertically? Upside down? Mirror image?…Negative slant?


Practice drawing of a Vanuatu man:


I looked at a photo licensed CC. Attribution: Graham Crumb/Imagicity.com Thank you!

I used a carbon pencil and graphite pencils. The carbon pencil, which has charcoal in it, smudged. That’s why everything is…..smudged.

This drawing looks great in person. I can’t believe how blah my photo of it came out. Bleek. Blek.
The Imagicity site is down, so let me show you the photo reference via Wikimedia:
Old Man (Imagicity 854)

My angle of him is different. I’m a little further away from his face. Maybe I wanted him to look slightly more ….I’m gazing into your face, photographer. You’re not gazing into mine.


I decided to draw my doggie. She looks up at me and says, “HANRK. Hanrk. Haaaanrk.”Pebi
This is graphite pencil and I almost wore my 6B (soft, dark lead) to a nub, trying to go dark enough.

praying mantis

This praying mantis is outside while I’m inside typing this:

praying_mantis-moonThere’s too much brick and not enough mantis, but I noticed and just kept on drawing. It probably felt camouflaged on the bricks, because there were old brown grass clippings lying around. I forgot to paint them in, but it’s just as well. They’d be a distraction.

This is mostly casein you see. A little pencil. Oh, I scratched out some gesso to make peeling bark on the twig.

rainbow scarab

Rainbow scarab beetle Phanaeus vindex.

rainbow scarab by moon This gorgeous creature lives around here! The photo does it justice. Thank you, Bug Guide. Thank you, David Almquist. Thank you, brother-in-law, for suggesting this bug.
When I was little, I saw one in the cow pasture and freaked out. It’s made of metal!? I yelled for my brothers to come look.
I won’t tell you any facts about it.

Casein and graphite pencil.

doodlebug winged

And this is the antlion as an adult! Flying toward the light in search of truth.

Too bad it’s my porchlight. antlion-lacewing_bymoon

The truth is, my porchlight has too many bugs flying around it. Actually, this lacewing is in a different genus to the previous larva post, but looks similar (same family). The photo allows re-use (and yes, staring at a photo while you draw it is reuse).
Credit for the photo: Ilona Loser CC BY-SA 3.0
Again, I used graphite pencil and casein paint. This one didn’t turn out super. That happens to me regularly. To quote the now-late Yogi Berra, I ‘made too many wrong mistakes.’ 🙂 I love his sayings. Of course, when you paint, a happy accident sometimes happens. That’s a right mistake.

Oh yeah, copper foil around the edges of this thin hardboard works out fine. Looks like a neat edging.