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This is a study of a Marchador stallion, Júpiter Quitumba. marchador-moon I tried 4 different ways to make dapples (spots). Nothing seemed to work for me.

The photo of this stunning horse is licensed CC by-sa: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mangalarga_Marchador.jpg
He’s owned by Quitumba Ranch in Brazil. That Wikipedia page says author = Fábio Vidigal, so maybe that’s the name of the photographer. Don’t you love that neck?

Oh, this is gouache, except for a wash of transparent blue over the ‘sky’.

Copy trout

copytroutI did this yesterday on the last day of a migraine. I shamefully looked at http://www.bigtrout.com/graphics/fish3.jpg. I’ve got to stop myself from doing that. I didn’t check to see the rights to that fish. 🙁

This is thin gouache.
Might I add, that I’ve settled on adding about 30% by volume peach gum solution to the pigment paste for gouache, about 25% for watercolor. Recipes are all wildly different.