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Kreo de akvarela farbo

Update: I may be through with the tiny booklet about watercolors from Prunus gums. There is plenty of info about watercolor and gouache painting, but not much about using gums other than gum arabic. The purpose of that booklet is just to awaken consciousness that you can grab those little balls of sap that ooze from your peach tree, plum tree, etc, and you can make your own high-quality binder. https://cindymckee.com/librejo/Kreo-de-akvarela-farbo.pdf. Click on “Jump to English”.

EN: I already wrote the notes about making watercolor paint from Prunus trees somewhere in my blog. I’m just putting it in a PDF now. Note: I embedded the ODF format from LibreOffice into the PDF. You can open an editable file by ‘opening’ the PDF in LibreOffice Writer.
Mi prilaboris miajn proprajn malnovajn notojn pri uzo de gumoj de prunusaj arboj por krei akvarelan kaj guaŝan farbojn.
Jen: https://cindymckee.com/librejo/Kreo-de-akvarela-farbo.pdf.
Notu, ke mi enkorpigis la dokumenton de LibreOffice en la PDF-on. Vi povas malfermi Verkilon de LibreOffice, aŭ de Apache OpenOffice, aŭ de NeoOffice. Malfermu la PDFon pere de Verkilo. Tio helpos vin fari viajn proprajn notojn. (La elektita tiparo nomiĝas Noto, ha ha. Ne nur amuze al mi, sed bela kaj ampleksa tiparo.

La Laboristo

(The Laborer) I watercolored a pair of old work gloves:la laboristo
I had thrown away my work gloves when I decided they were more holes than glove. Then, of course, I wanted to paint them, but couldn’t find them in the trash. 🙂 So my son gave me a pair of his old work gloves. He’s left-handed too, and the holes are mainly in his left glove, also.
I’ve always loved old, worn gloves. And the people who wear them out.

Boot still life

This is one of my boots on my stepstool, with a WWII canteen on the bottom step. Oh, and I laid that rock walkway. boot-stilllifeI replaced yesterday’s photo with a slightly better one. Though the rocks have a greenish cast that the camera isn’t seeing. I’ve put on a coat of acrylic matte varnish.