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La Laboristo

(The Laborer) I watercolored a pair of old work gloves:la laboristo
I had thrown away my work gloves when I decided they were more holes than glove. Then, of course, I wanted to paint them, but couldn’t find them in the trash. 🙂 So my son gave me a pair of his old work gloves. He’s left-handed too, and the holes are mainly in his left glove, also.
I’ve always loved old, worn gloves. And the people who wear them out.

Boot still life

This is one of my boots on my stepstool, with a WWII canteen on the bottom step. Oh, and I laid that rock walkway. boot-stilllifeI replaced yesterday’s photo with a slightly better one. Though the rocks have a greenish cast that the camera isn’t seeing. I’ve put on a coat of acrylic matte varnish.

Milk jug film

I always cut out the sides of plastic milk jugs and use them as mixing palettes, and today I decided to use them for concept art and practice. That type of plastic is matte and translucent, so I backed these painted cherries with different colors, to give the cherries different casts.plasticfilm-greencherries This particular pic is the cherries on top of a green book. I used Gimp to throw some white underneath the shadows. I painted on the textured side of the plastic and went for a smudgy, grainy look. Plastic milk jugs are so useful!

This is the type of milk jug: https://www.flickr.com/photos/oddharmonic/6807884999 Apparently, those people are going to build an igloo! Awesome!