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I was filling a jar with cotton swabs and I thought, “How pretty!”
cotton swabs sketch
So, I’m drawing it on sketch paper. Some swabs are crammed up against the jar, some aren’t…And now I’ve got a big exploding arrangement of swabs in the jar. I’m never going to get the jar full, because I’ve been drawing this for a long time…

whale rock

You know how dogs are? Everything’s good. Oh beef, beef is my favorite. Ohhhh chicken, chicken is my favorite. Oh, I love being scratched behind my ears, that’s my favorite place. On my tummy, that’s my new favorite place.
Today I was a dog – oh, clouds and wind, I love clouds and wind. Falling leaves, I love leaves. Oh, it’s muggy, that means I feel naturally moisturized.
I sketched a really interesting rock. To me, it looks like a whale.whale rockAnd I found wild tomatillos. I love tomatillos.

sky flying sketch

Bristol is not the friend of graphite. I found a public domain of birds, I think seagulls, and I’ve been sketching it, but the bristol shows my erasures and fingerprints, skyflying-sketch but I’m having fun anyway. I might be getting addicted to sketching. Oh, the photo is named according to keywords. sky-flying-animals-birds. I thought that was adorable, though, like a child named it. Sky! Flying! Animals! Birds!

I had Gimp darken my photo of my drawing-in-progress.
(Now I’ve got to run outside and garden. Maybe I’ll see some sky! flying! animals! birds!)

Hey, I came back in and put on some thin egg paint. skyflying-sketch_withpaintAnd I thought – why don’t I sign sketches at a slant? It would be code for “This is a sketch”. Finished paintings I could sign horizontally. Umm, what could I sign vertically? Upside down? Mirror image?…Negative slant?