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Foot soap

It’s Christmas! I’m supposed to be cleaning my house for guests, but what am I thinking of? My tippy tap. I’M WEIRD. But really, I just realized – I can put liquid soap into a container and pour it out using the same arrangement as the water! Yeah, I can poke a small hole in the soap container and tilt it over with a foot lever. Bingo, I keep the soap protected from rain, while dispensing it hands-free.
People who have trouble buying soap can make their own from wood ash and animal fat.
It’ll be soft soap. Which, of course, would be perfect for a tippy tap hanging dispenser.
I am so weird….Christmas day, even….

Here is the 1st incarnation of my foot-operated soap, alongside the black water jug:
tippy soap It works. Until it freezes, I suppose. Oh, I should add salt.

For now, I’ve left the hard bar soap there. I’ve got a container with a hinged lid on it — rain protection. I don’t like that arrangement as well.

Pedal-sapo — uzu la saman aranĝon kiel por akvo en la pedal-krano. Uzu pli etan ujon por likva sapo kaj apartan pedalon ŝnuritan al ĝi por elverŝi sapon. Jen, protekto de la sapo kontraŭ pluvo. Aldone, neniu tuŝas la sapon.
(Kaj eblas uzi lignocindrojn kaj grason por fari propran molan sapon.)

my first tippy tap

This is my first tippy tap: first-tippy-tap I don’t understand foot levers, but it works anyway. I put one of my homemade soaps into a mesh bag and hung the bag. The foot lever of a tippy tap means that you don’t have to touch a dirty handle when you wash your hands. It’s more sanitary.

The fact that this is already working — without my begging someone for help — is delighting me.

I rapidly translated the directions into Esperanto, on the chance that it will help someone. And the place I saw it is http://www.tippytap.org/build-a-tippy-tap-manual. And yeah, I filled out their contact form and gave them a link to the translation. (Se iu volas kontroli mian rapidan tradukon, dankon!)

Tippy tips: there is a hole in the jug where water pours out. A 2nd hole on the other side is for air flow, so water will come out. (Like the two holes in a can of evaporated milk.)

Make sure you put the pour hole off-center. So it won’t pour down the string.