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hate group map

Have you looked at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate map? Look here:
Do you see that incredibly tight, overlapping cluster of gray icons with pointy white caps? Each icon is an individual chapter of the Ku Klux Klan and that is where I live.

Click on the link to the hate map and try to find a more concentrated cluster of KKK anywhere.

so we descend

Sorry, I haven’t been able to paint lately. Warning: The following contains disturbing text, after the quote from my favorite poem. It’s a personal story and it’s my reaction to Trump supporters, not that they’ll care.

Not here
Not here the darkness, in this twittering world.

Descend lower, descend only
Into the world of perpetual solitude –T.S. Eliot

I was molested by my stepfather, you know. Starting from the age of 12, when he grabbed my p***y or whatever you call that area of a 12 year old. I called it the place I pee.
I blamed him. I was alone in that. My family members, to this day, still accept him. He has money.
It doesn’t matter to them that he tried to feel me up for years, until I started beating him. The time I scraped clear and visible scratches all over his face with the bristles of a hairbrush finally ended it.
Yes, I told Mom 3 times about him.
He has money! Big house; vacations; new cars. She stayed.
I’ve known that Trump is a creep for as long as I’ve known his name. The fact that he gained the support of my part of the country, of my family members, has been a nightmare.
He has money.
When Trump was recorded saying that he grabs unsuspecting women by the p***y, I thought they would finally change their minds about the racist, woman-hating, pathological liar, con man who leaves others holding the bag, ignoramus, dictator wannabe, attention craver.
But he has money! (Some.)
They support him.
Yes, he’s going to lose the election – probably. But the supporters are still going to chant, “Lock her up!” “Put her before a firing squad!
White lives matter!”
“Boys will be boys.”
“Now Clinton, she’s the devil.”

This is the path downward. But this is the way they want to go.
So, we descend. Me, into solitude. I don’t want to come back out.

(that should probably be “I, into solitude”, but it sounds wrong)

You let me down

For many months, I’ve been depressed because so many good people have expressed support for an ignorant, bigoted, manipulative con man who acts first, thinks later – refuses to think.
USA TODAY broke its policy for the first time in 34 years, of never expressing an opinion about the presidential candidates. http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2016/09/29/dont-vote-for-donald-trump-editorial-board-editorials-debates/91295020/

He’s messing with your mind. I’m a registered Democrat, but I need Republicans to provide me with a pull to the center. I need you to keep me from going too far left. We’ve always balanced one another.
But your support of someone so reactionary and so vindictive, who has no real plans other than becoming more famous and going after freedom of press… — your continued support of all that he involves — I’m letting go of your hand.


Minutes ago, I had a hallucinatory experience watching Trump seem almost presidential. It wasn’t just the beautiful podium, or Trump standing beside the Mexican president during a news conference. Complete sentences actually came out of his mouth. A lot of the sentences weren’t even objectionable. He seemed willing to compromise. He talked about modification of NAFTA, not an abolishment of NAFTA.
He “didn’t discuss who pays for the wall.” The blustering, pushy Trump of the rallies would have. Trump of the rallies is not a diplomat, flattery spewing out of his mouth.
Who was that in Trump’s body? Kellyanne Conway?
Bizarrely, this is the guy who just hired Bannon as CEO of his campaign, that creep of Breitbart, which has become a media mouthpiece for white pride.
And what was Nieto thinking? How could this help him gain in popularity in Mexico? Was he really just trying to see if he could possibly work with Trump in the future?

Maybe it’s not Conway putting words into Trump’s mouth. Maybe it’s Bannon, who is good at fakery. Maybe Bannon’s building an everyman Trump, trying to get him into the White House.

Trump’s supporters ought to be confused. The changes in the man are enough to make people feel they’ve dropped down a wormhole into an alternate universe.

Will he change again tonight, when he gives his speech on immigration? It probably depends on whether he reads from a prepared speech or not.

Later: Trump blew it. His immigration speech was grotesquely over the top; exaggerated. The chance he had today, of widening his base of supporters, is gone. I suspect his speech actually made Hillary Clinton seem like a more reasonable choice. For a moment today, I thought he had a brilliant manager.

My anti-trump protest

I would like to go and protest at an anti-Trump rally. But, at the moment, I’m having too many migraines*. So, this will serve as my written protest.
I sat down and typed the protest in only a few minutes. There is so much glaringly wrong with that man, that a summary comes rapidly:

I protest everything Donald Trump stands for.
He has called for an outrageous act of terrorism: Murdering family members of terrorists.
He has called for increased torture and more methods of torture.
He has insulted and demeaned Mexican immigrants, calling them rapists and murderers.
He has called for a ban on U.S. entry for an entire religious community and suggested closing mosques in the U.S, refusing right to worship.
He insults and demeans women, calling them vulgar names.
Trump has encouraged his supporters to hit. Here’s just one example:
“If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously, OK? Just knock the hell — I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees. I promise. I promise. They won’t be so much, because the courts agree with us too — what’s going on in this country.”
He insults and demeans journalists who are doing their job.
In fact, he insults and demeans anyone who criticizes him.
For many years, it’s been known that he exacts revenge on critics.
For many years, it’s been known that his amazing financial successes are exaggerated. His most amazing financial success was in the licensing of his own name and image. Yes, he sells his name and image to others. There are buildings in the world with the Trump name on them that Donald Trump did not build. Instead, the builders paid for the right to use the Trump name.
In the 1970’s, when he was managing apartment buildings for his real estate mogul father, he was taken to court for discrimination. Under his watch, the applicants for apartments were interviewed and shorthand used on the application papers to identify them. ‘C’ stood for ‘Colored’ and those applicants were automatically denied – they were told there was no vacancy. Trump served no jail time; instead, the court levied a fine. Later, he was back in court for continued discrimination.
His ‘Trump University’ was a bait-and-switch scam that is now the target of a lawsuit for fraud.
Leaders of other countries despise Trump.
Citizens of other countries despise Trump.
Citizens of the U.S. despise and hate Trump.

Trump insults and attacks ‘others’.
His supporters don’t understand, that ‘others’ is an ever-expanding group and will someday include them if they ever question his decisions.
Whoever has criticized him becomes a target. The group targeted for attacks is also ever-expanding.

*Trump supporters are such a type that they will mock and make fun of me for having migraines, saying that migraines prove something is wrong in my head.