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Mad as spit

I got up this morning, made the mistake of reading over some news. I’m so furious, I feel like I’m having a heart attack. The sad little boy in the Oval Office is not the only moron in power. The Republican National Committee actually played along with his crazy rant about handing out Fake News Awards. It’s at gop.com. No. 1 is not even news. It’s an opinion piece. OPINION!!!

The only upside to this Republican madness is that I feel smarter in comparison.

This is not Trump, people, this is the Republican National Committee handing out Fake News Awards to opinion columnists and journalists who corrected errors!!!

Hey, if you’re still a Republican, leave that crazy house.

Thoughts on 2017

Today I jotted down some thoughts on life in the U.S. in 2017, influencing the beginning of 2018. Of course, it involves politics. How could it not?

Conservatives are complicit.
The writers at National Review consistently try to downplay the ridiculousness of Trump’s presidency. They insist that it’s not so bad.

It’s true, that Trump won’t become a dictator, not because of any checks by Congress, but because he’s too stupid. He’ll never successfully study and understand the workings of government, so he’ll never successfully manipulate the workings of government. However, stupid bulls manage to damage china shops. Trump will manage some damage.

And he is such a blaringly loud fool, his presidency will become the trumpet everyone remembers sounding the decline of the prestige of the U.S. on the world stage.

Liberals can indeed be hysterical.
It’s natural to react reflexively against everything coming from Trump and his enablers. But in this age of media bashing, editors need to examine and reexamine stories before they publish them. Even one wrong story is enough for some people to condemn journalism as a whole.
It’s also natural to react in revulsion to sexual harassment and to harassers. But our society obviously needs to learn the difference between harassment and flirtation.
Some men — and women — may be ruined because of serial flirtation.

That hysteria is helped along by the mob mentality on socia media. It’s so easy to join a flash mob online before knowing all the facts.

On the other hand, it’s so easy to join an empowerment movement online.
Women are teaching other women that they are in possession of their bodies. Not a coach. Not a boss.
Maybe, disabled people will participate in that and affirm possession of their own bodies. Caregivers are not there to take control.

The strangest thing about 2017, for me, was that so many people took pains to continue ruining their own reputations. Republicans and evangelical Christians, among others. When confronted again and again by evidence that people they had put their trust in were unfit and unworthy, they not only didn’t withdraw their support, they actually increased their support.

Or maybe, the strangest thing is that the most divisive year I can remember, was, at the same time, uniting. It was the year of people joining a movement, donating to a cause and speaking out.

We need to speak out more against extremism. Extremism in both major political parties, in religion, in the mores of our culture — mores that are so entrenched that they’re not often recognized as extreme.

hate group map

Have you looked at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate map? Look here:
Do you see that incredibly tight, overlapping cluster of gray icons with pointy white caps? Each icon is an individual chapter of the Ku Klux Klan and that is where I live.

Click on the link to the hate map and try to find a more concentrated cluster of KKK anywhere.

so we descend

Sorry, I haven’t been able to paint lately. Warning: The following contains disturbing text, after the quote from my favorite poem. It’s a personal story and it’s my reaction to Trump supporters, not that they’ll care.

Not here
Not here the darkness, in this twittering world.

Descend lower, descend only
Into the world of perpetual solitude –T.S. Eliot

I was molested by my stepfather, you know. Starting from the age of 12, when he grabbed my p***y or whatever you call that area of a 12 year old. I called it the place I pee.
I blamed him. I was alone in that. My family members, to this day, still accept him. He has money.
It doesn’t matter to them that he tried to feel me up for years, until I started beating him. The time I scraped clear and visible scratches all over his face with the bristles of a hairbrush finally ended it.
Yes, I told Mom 3 times about him.
He has money! Big house; vacations; new cars. She stayed.
I’ve known that Trump is a creep for as long as I’ve known his name. The fact that he gained the support of my part of the country, of my family members, has been a nightmare.
He has money.
When Trump was recorded saying that he grabs unsuspecting women by the p***y, I thought they would finally change their minds about the racist, woman-hating, pathological liar, con man who leaves others holding the bag, ignoramus, dictator wannabe, attention craver.
But he has money! (Some.)
They support him.
Yes, he’s going to lose the election – probably. But the supporters are still going to chant, “Lock her up!” “Put her before a firing squad!
White lives matter!”
“Boys will be boys.”
“Now Clinton, she’s the devil.”

This is the path downward. But this is the way they want to go.
So, we descend. Me, into solitude. I don’t want to come back out.

(that should probably be “I, into solitude”, but it sounds wrong)

You let me down

For many months, I’ve been depressed because so many good people have expressed support for an ignorant, bigoted, manipulative con man who acts first, thinks later – refuses to think.
USA TODAY broke its policy for the first time in 34 years, of never expressing an opinion about the presidential candidates. http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2016/09/29/dont-vote-for-donald-trump-editorial-board-editorials-debates/91295020/

He’s messing with your mind. I’m a registered Democrat, but I need Republicans to provide me with a pull to the center. I need you to keep me from going too far left. We’ve always balanced one another.
But your support of someone so reactionary and so vindictive, who has no real plans other than becoming more famous and going after freedom of press… — your continued support of all that he involves — I’m letting go of your hand.