after Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer

The Girl with a Metal Earring

In The Girl with a Pearl Earring, does that earring look like a pearl to you?
And the way she’s ducking her head forward is very cute, but I painted her sitting upright. Here’s my drawing, freehand as always:

drawing girl metal earring
Drawing for girl with metal earring

I made a huge mistake and decided to oil paint on watercolor paper. See, I thought spraying the paper with fixative would seal it. I was wrong. I could only move the paint around for a minute. The oil was slurped into the paper, I suppose! Or into the surface sizing? Here’s the shadows that stuck in place almost immediately:

Underpainting girl with metal earring
Underpainting girl with metal earring

I now have enough paint on the surface that today I was able to paint her skin tone a little better. I’m done, though the camera exaggerates the underpainting. It doesn’t show through quite like that 🙁 :

Girl with a Metal Earring
Girl with a Metal Earring

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Oil on watercolor paper 12 x 16 in / 30.5 x 40.5 cm.

Some thoughts while I was looking at the photos of that wonderful Vermeer painting: Why isn’t her earlobe extended? The earring looks heavy.  And it_ain’t_no_pearl!
Europeans of that time had no cheekbones? No eyebrows?
Was she tired? Was she slouching? It looks like she was ducking her head forward, because the cloth hanging from the turban is swinging backward, isn’t it?
Is that veining in her cheek, above the cast light of the earring?