Still life like Preyer

I decided to follow the example of a fine still life painter, Emilie Preyer. I started by drawing the fruit with a graphite pencil, making millions of marks as I changed my mind about the positions:

drawing for still life
1st step in painting.

The next day, I thinned water-mixable oil paint with water and used that wash to show shadows/form, more lines and to color the background:

Underpainting-like Preyer
Underpainting for the still life like Preyer.

After that, I thinned the paint with walnut oil to form thin glazes and applied what I decided would be good base colors for the fruit:

color for still life like Preyer
First color for the still life like Preyer.

After a day of letting that dry, I added more color and more details. I worked a lot on the peach half:

More color and details for still life like Preyer
More color and details.

The next day, I went back to the plums, after doing more to that peach half. I added some juice drops…touched up that cute fly thing. Tried to straighten the back edge of the table. The buds on the twigs are really too small for me to work with:

day 4 of still life like Preyer
Another detail day.

The final day, I painted over marks, added two or three more highlights and called it done. Signed my name! I mainly looked at this particular still life. So, the final:

Still life like Preyer
The final painting of Still life like Preyer.

12×16 in (30.5×40.5 cm)

Note: the photo isn’t exactly accurate. The whole peach and the grapes are not really that washed-out looking.