Watercolor paintbox

You know about Altoids mint tins being made into tiny portable paint-boxes, right?
I made a paintbox from a Kimber tin (pepper spray blaster?) that someone gave me.kimber-paintbox It’s 7 1/2 inches long (19 cm), so it’s big! That plastic insert has 14 tiny wells and there is a large well along one side. I fit a bottle for eye drops very snugly into a rounded slot, and use it for water (top cut off). The three cut-down dosage cups work for now as paint tins for primaries, but I think I’ll use the giant well on the side as one of those tins. I put mixes into the tiny wells.
The most surprising thing is that the open metal lid scrubs clean with just a wet rag. So it’s a great palette.
I like it so much I’ve been using it at home, too.
The plastic eggs held toys from a vending machine. I put gouache into them and it never dries out.

Another great discovery is my Loew-Cornell size 3 script brush. It’s limp as a noodle with oil paint, but I’ve discovered that it is springy with lighter paint. I can write my signature with it! If you’ve ever looked at my signature….you’ve groaned.

A very quick draw-and-paint sketch:nala-sketch
I kept poking her to get her to show her face. Finally, she jumped up, stalked over to her water bowl and intentionally slapped it over.
😮 I’m going to try again until I get a good picture! Unless she decides to slap me.